Misunderstanding Diversity

When words lose their meaning, then the nihilist creed gains a terrible victory: nothing means anything. One may point out the diverse observation given above, but what good are facts anymore? Languages change, and all that nonsense. If languages do in fact change, then how might anyone hold a reasonable expectation for rational communication?

A World Without Archetypes

There are principles, experiences, and what we might call pre-scientific knowledge that are more essential and mysterious than our present experiences. At the same time – somewhat paradoxically – it often happens that the leading discoveries of contemporary science themselves provide confirmation of this and so, by a circuitous route, bring human understanding back to something that all cultures have known intuitively since the dawn of time, something that until recently modern science has treated as no more than a set of illusions or mere metaphors.”

A Greater Good Than Choice

Westerners live in the smoldering ruins of a once great society. Its towers and ramparts have been torn down, destroyed by the barbarism of greed, materialism, and fear, but still there stands something to remind passers-by that here once stood the Western Civilization of old - built on divine fear and dedication to principles that transcend this world.