Reflections from the Dark

I do not remember much from my brief stint in an admittedly liberal seminary, but one thing I do remember was a professor who mentioned only in passing how ancient men were truly terrified of the darkness. Every night was a testing point of the strength of his soul. This comment was made only in a thrown away manner, but it stuck with me all this time.

Tolkien: Deep Roots Are Not Reached by the Frost

Today we continue our month long celebration of the poetic work of Professor Tolkien. We have looked at a somewhat random assortment of his shorter poems, and we have also had the sheer enchanting joy of reading the sublime madness of Tom Bombadil. Today, the theme is honor and lament. An astute reader of Tolkien … Continue reading Tolkien: Deep Roots Are Not Reached by the Frost

Faith and Imagination

“I suspect that men have sometimes derived more spiritual sustenance from myths they did not believe than from the religion they professed. To be truly Christian we must both assent to the historical fact and also receive the myth (fact though it has become) with the same imaginative embrace which we accord to all myths.