Faith in the Darkness

Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky once wrote, “Beauty at low temperatures is beauty.” His point was simple enough. If one can find beauty in the harsh barrenness of low temperatures, then something must be truly beautiful, for only beauty can counterbalance the immense discomfort of frigidness and thus be called truly beautiful.

Reflections from the Dark

I do not remember much from my brief stint in an admittedly liberal seminary, but one thing I do remember was a professor who mentioned only in passing how ancient men were truly terrified of the darkness. Every night was a testing point of the strength of his soul. This comment was made only in a thrown away manner, but it stuck with me all this time.

Are We Any Longer Human?

As man continues his diligent work in re-writing his own nature, he continues further into dark, unknown territory. Already he has made it clear that he despises the natural world itself, as he no longer depends on it for any other reason than to mine the raw natural resources necessary to develop and enable his unnatural desires – steel for cars, precious metals for the microchips in his personal devices, and food that only goes half eaten.