Romano Guardini’s Diagnosis of the Modern World

As one looks at the modern landscape, one sees that each of these men is still with us. Man is no less lonely, less technologically-minded, or less oriented towards the mass than he was in Guardini’s time. Quoting the late, great Solzhenitsyn from his excellent Templeton Address, “Man has forgotten God. That is why this is happening.” Man fell for the lie that he always has fallen for: namely that he can do better than God, create better than God, that he deserves better than God has provided for him. When men and women of greatness still spoke of virtue and vice, they would call this pride. Guardini puts it thusly: “To speak precisely, God lost His dwelling place; thereby man lost his proper place in existence.” Man believed he had dominion over nature, and so proceeded to act as a ruler thereof, but it is a poor ruler indeed who destroys that over which he is supposed to govern.

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