C.S. Lewis: Le Roi S’amuse

Jove gazed On woven mazes Of patterned movement as the atoms whirled. His glance turned Into dancing, burning Colour-gods who rushed upon that sullen world, Waking, re-making, exalting it anew – Silver and purple, shrill-voiced yellow, turgid crimson, and virgin blue. Jove stared On overbearing And aching splendour of the naked rocks. Where his gaze … Continue reading C.S. Lewis: Le Roi S’amuse

Misunderstanding Diversity

When words lose their meaning, then the nihilist creed gains a terrible victory: nothing means anything. One may point out the diverse observation given above, but what good are facts anymore? Languages change, and all that nonsense. If languages do in fact change, then how might anyone hold a reasonable expectation for rational communication?